Morning Assembly

On Tuesday mornings, students and teachers hold an English assembly.

With book sharing, riddles and quizzes, the assemblies are interactive and students are invited to participate.


English Week

English Week is a highlight of the school year. Our school designates one week as an English week every year. In this period of time, a series of activities are held to create an atmosphere for using English.

For example, film shows, song dedication and a fun fair. We will also have class-based competitions and student performances.


Speech Festival

Each year, we take an active role in the Speech Festival . Our students have been doing well in the Speech Festival. We have several choral speaking teams that are trained by our teachers in order to develop our students’ skills and confidence in public speaking.


Halloween Fun Day

We have a day dedicated to Halloween activities in October. The kids are hopped up on candy, filled with adrenaline from scary movies, and have energy to burn.